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    It is made from coconut oil and glycerin It is a coconut and glycerin enriched soap with antibacterial ingredients. Profusely  lathers . It gives soft feel to the skin. Available in 30gs and 75gs eco friendly pack.

  • DEW

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    Dew brand is a white soap in 20gm,30gms,35gms,and 75gms in different shapes shown in the products images,lux type and cologne fragrance profusely lather with good moisturizers.

    under the same brand DEW,  we have also shampoo in Cologne fragrance,fruity fragrance, Ginger lemon, and Garden fresh.

    Bath Gel in orange and lavender fragrance.

    Body lotion in Ginger lemon and Garden Fresh,Cologne and Sandal wood fragrance. It contains Almond, Olive oil, Lanolin, Sheabutter and Coconut oil.These are good  natural skin conditioners., also  contain Alovera and other antiseptic ingredients.

    Hair Conditioners: It is used after shampooing during rinsing of hair, it gives soft and lubrucity to hair. It also leaves pleasing fragrance on the hair and also makes hair dandruff free.


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    Freshmate is popular brand serve to budget class hotels.we give them 15gm white soaps wrapped in either laminated wrapped or glassing paper.

    Freshmate is also available in Shampoo with Garden Fresh fragrance.


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    Nisarga chandana is premimum product in sandalwood fragrance containing turmeric extracts conditioner and profusely lathers.


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    It is made from coconut oil and glycerin .It is a transparent soap soft on the skin profusely  lathers with orange peel fragrance. It is available in 20 gm, 30 gm and 75 gm eco friendly pack.