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    Our Bath/shower gel does not contain any harsh chemicals and leaves soft feeling on the skin after the bath, it has anti bacterial properties & Keeps your skin free from itching during the whole day. It contains neem & alovera extracts.


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    The formulation of body lotion takes care of the requirement of maintaining healthy skin . Apart from giving soft feeling on the skin it keeps your skin from itching & sunlight protection. The presence of alovera , almond oil,  antibacterial ingredients , takes care of the above requirement. The fragrance can be made to suit the customer choice.


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    We have alovera herbal Shampoo with olive oil and neem extracts.  These ingredients are good hair conditioners in surfactant base . We also have other shampoos with cosmetic perfume like cologne.

    Shampoo with different fragrances  also can be made available to meet the customers requirement.



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    Nisarga supplies Dental Kit containing good quality tooth brush and branded toothpaste.  These are packed in Hotel logo printed carton or in pouches. Similarly shaving kit containing branded twin Razor and shaving gel.

    Nisarga can supply Shoe Shiner,Shower Cap,mouth wash, glass cover , laundry bag , loofah etc , depending upon the customer choice.


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    Nisarga has developed  a formulation in such a way that its take care of cleansing both hair and body. It contains conditioners , antibacterial ingredients. Hence it keeps  skin soft and leaves pleasing fragrance on both hair and body.


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    Hair Conditioner is used after shampooing and during rinsing of hair.  Hair Conditioner  gives soft and shine to hair . It contains ingredients which takes away dandruff and leaves pleasing fragrance.


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    We manufacture sanitizer detergent for dairy & food industry . The equipment in the food & dairy industry needs to be kept in a very hygienic condition to see that offodour due to decay of residual product are stopped. In this direction our milkare gives the right solution. The Milkare is entirely different from ordinary detergents. which people use in the above industry. This contains number of antibacterial chemicals and detergent which apart from cleaning gives the antibacterial effect in the Equipments & Pipelines .


    A Descalant product can be effectively used for CIP cleaning in the food and dairy industry. This removes effectively the calcium salt deposited in the pipeline as well contains the bacterial growth.This is a substitute for harmful nitric acid used in this industry, as against this ,the pastokare is a safe & eco friendly product.


    It is a compact detergent powder of premium quality meant for washing machine.It will removge stubborn and stains from fabrics.It does not corrode washing machine and other parts of the machine.The same product is also made in liquid form.The liquid laundry detergent is more safer for delicate clothes like silk cloth.It also removes oil stains effectively and makes cloths brighter and brighter as it contains tinopal etc.



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    It is  made from coconut oil, glycerin soap and contains  alovera and contain antiseptic ingredients with herbal  lavendor fragrance,  light green in colour and  available in 20gm,30gm,and 75gm eco friendly pouch.


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    In view of the fact that,number of guest who stayed in different Hotels/Resorts started liking our products and called us/sent emails,  the availability of  Soaps, Shampoo, Bath gel  and Body Lotion  etc. Nisarga has introduced the product in Retail pack.The Dew Soap in 75 gs, Alovera Soap 75 gs,Orange Flav 75 gs, Coco Flav 75 gs, Ginger Lemon 75 gs product images in along side.

    Alovera Shampoo, Dew Shampoo in 50/200 ml PET bottle.Product images are shown along side.The details of the ingredients are reported elsewhere.

    Body Lotion/Moisturizer is available in Sandal Wood and Cologne Fragrance. The details of the ingredients are reported elsewhere. Same is available in 50/200 ml PET Bottle.product images in along side.

    For the benefit of the travelers,  Nisarga has  launched Gift Pack. It contains one 75 gs, Transparent Soap, one Dew 75 gs,  Soap,  one 20 gs face wash soap, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Twin razor , 50 ml Alovera Shampoo,Bath Gel, Body Lotion and Conditioner. These will be sufficient for a week usage.

    Nisarga has also made house hold detergant  Fabrikare in 2 kg Pack, Sanikare in 500 ml Pack and Plasokare in 500 Pack.